I'm not happy about my last order

My food wasn’t up to scratch. What should I do?

We’re really sorry to hear that. If your item/s just arrived and you’re not satisfied with it, contact the store/shop and ask them what they can do to correct the issue. You’ll should find their number in your order confirmation email ( if not please use google). If the store/shop can’t help or you’re still not satisfied, please leave some feedback by reviewing your order. To leave a review, just head to your previous orders and select Review your order.

We discuss reviews – both good and bad – with the stores/shops, so we always encourage you to leave a review. Providing feedback helps shops/stores improve their standards and it also helps other users to decide which store/shop to order from. We know this won’t fix a bad order, but it will hopefully improve things in the future.

My order was wrong, what should I do?

Sorry to hear that. First of all, try to get in touch with the Store/shop. You should find their phone number in your order confirmation email or on trheir online store(if not please use google search). 

If that doesn't solve things, get in touch with us using one of the options below. Have your order number handy, you can find this in your order confirmation email.

It's also worth giving the store/shop feedback by leaving a review on ShopDrop24. Try and be constructive – we discuss reviews (good and bad) with Stores/shops as it helps them improve their service. It also helps other people using ShopDrop24  decide where to order from. We know this won't completely fix an incorrect order but it will hopefully improve things in the future.

My order was cancelled and I'm waiting for a refund. How long will this take?

If you paid up front via debit or credit card, or Apple Pay, your money should be returned to you immediately.

How do I report a safety, health or privacy issue?

If you feel that your safety, health or privacy is at risk right now, please call the relevant authority or emergency service for your situation as soon as you can. They will be able to give you the most professional advice and take action if needed. We’ll assist them with reports and any investigations.

We’ll work hard to address sensitive issues – we want everyone’s experience using ShopDrop24 to be a safe and pleasant one.

To report a health, safety or privacy incident to us, please contact us using one of the options below. pl;easse ensure you let the person you are speaking to know that this is a safety, health or privacy incident so they can ask our compliance team to investigate straightaway.  

The compliance team will update you on their investigation, which can take up to 48 hours depending on how complex the case is.  

We take sensitive issues involving safety, health or privacy very seriously. Our Promise to the community reflects our high standards and expectation that everyone in our community acts professionally and in a safe manner. We’ll do our best to look at any issue you may have and resolve it.

Community Promise

At ShopDrop24, our vision is to create the world’s greatest Convienient store/shop ordering community. This community is made up of customers, Store/shop partners and the drivers, suppliers and our employees. Every member of our community should feel safe and protected when using ShopDrop24.  Its all our responsibillities to operaste in a safe and appropiate manner.

Safety, health and privacy are our top priorities. If there’s ever any reason you feel unsafe or uncomfortable usingShopDrop24, be sure to tell us straightaway and we’ll take immediated action to solve it.

We promise to:

  • Continue to work in a appropiate and beneficial manner for the community
  • Enable you to report any concerns you have easily
  • Respect your privacy when handling any incident
  • Respond quickly and take prompt action as appropriate.


My order has been rejected. What can I do?

  • If you paid up front, your money will be returned to you straight away. You can then order from a different Store/shop, they are likely to have your desired item nin stock.



I can't order...

Thats not good. Have you:

1. Double-checked the Store/shop is open? 
2. Entered your payment details correctly?
3. Reached the Stores/shops minimum order value?

If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser's cache (it's easier than it sounds, Google it if you're unsure) or use a different browser altogether. Alternatively, use the ShopDrop24 APP on your smartphone. 

If you still can't order, get in touch with us by via email or phone (see below) and we'll do our best to sort things out for you.

My payment failed. Now what?

Payment can fail for all kinds of reasons. Here are a few common things worth checking:

1. Make sure you're using the right card (we've all done it)
2. Check your card hasn't expired (ditto)
3. See if you entered the correct billing address (if it's different to your delivery address)

If that doesn't work, you can always pay with cash.

We are unable to accept cards that have been issued outside of the United Kingdom as we are not able to carry out the relevant security checks to prevent fraudulent activity.

The card may carry recognised scheme branding (such as MasterCard or Visa) and may be accepted by the terminal.

However due to the way our payment system is set up, customers who hold these types of cards would not be able to place a ShopDrop24 order. You would need to inform them of the reasoning and politely explain we can only accept UK cards which have the 'Visa'/'Mastercard' symbols on them.

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Alternatively, you can email our help team or you can call our customer care team right away to hear a human voice.

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